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Maintain your natural
women's health!

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Training for female intimate muscles
in a group or individually
Classes are held in sportswear

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Open your femininity
and become happy!



Prepare for pregnancy and childbirth

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Develop your sensitivity
and experience amazing orgasms!

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Awaken your love muscles!

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Become sexually most desirable
for your loved one!

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Join the chosen ones
using ancient techniques from the East

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Directly from Russia

International Federation of Vumbuilding named after V.L. Muranivsky

Representation in Serbia

School of Intimate Fitness "VumKlub"

Dear ladies!
It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you and introduce you to Vumbuilding.
My name is Ksenija Petrovi? and I am the official instructor of the International Federation of Vumbuilding named after V.L. Muranivski for the region of Serbia and the Balkans.
Our Federation is from Russia and is the founder of the method of natural development, rejuvenation and healing of female intimate muscles. The federation has been in existence and officially for more than 25 years and its representatives are on all continents.
I want to tell you how I came to Vumbuilding. I am married and have two children. After giving birth, I realized that I didn’t know everything about women’s and men’s intimate health and what the meaning of sex education was. In order to solve health problems and improve my intimate married life, I started to get informed. After studying several techniques and different trainers, I discovered the world of Vumbuilding. It is based on centuries of experience but uses modern technology. I realized that this knowledge and skills are vital not only for me and my daughter but also for all women who are ready for their own development. This method reveals a woman’s strength and natural sexuality.
I invite you to Vumfit classes – the basis of Vumbuilding. This is the first step in starting work with the intimate muscles. Our classes take place in an open, friendly atmosphere where we can discuss all the hidden women’s issues. Also, we will deal with a new type of fitness and master unique knowledge that can be useful to every woman.
Your Ksenija.
P.S. By the way, only 1% of women on Earth have these amazing skills – join the chosen ones!



Vumbuilding - a method (training technique) that allows every woman (regardless of age) to develop / strengthen / renew and consciously manage her intimate muscles. The result is achieved with the help of four patented training trainers under the careful guidance of our reliable instructor.

  • pelvic floor muscle tone
  • prevention and treatment of uncontrolled urination
  • prevention and treatment of pelvic prolapse
  • painless menstruation
  • preparation for a healthy birth
  • prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids
  • hormonal balance
  • experiencing an orgasm
  • intimate health of the wife
  • femininity
  • involvement of the parasympathetic system
  • good mood
  • emotional release
  • increase sexual energy
  • prolonging a woman’s youth
  • family harmony
  • sexual harmony in marriage
  • multiple orgasms
  • point G stimulation
  • reduction in vaginal volume
  • improving the intimate area
  • sexual techniques
  • increased lubrication
  • "solid inlet" and "vacuum" techniques
  • satisfaction with the partner

“BAZAR”, 26.07.2019.

“SENSA”, 06.2019.

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Gynecologist about vumbuilding

Women say


"After the birth of three children and a sedentary office job, I couldn't even sneeze ... but after 2 months of Vumfit, I can walk without a urological pad! I also got rid of hemorrhoids!"

Nataliya, 42 years


"After 3 days of classes, I learned to control my orgasm and make it more intense. I realized the possibilities of my muscles and it's a wonderful feeling!"

Juliya, 29 years


"After a month, my husband told me that he felt 'rope'. My vagina is now 'clean', and a pleasant smell has appeared."

Nadezhda, 42 years


"By joining the Vumfit program, I started to feel my femininity. Everything is alive in my body. I feel my intimate muscles, each separately! I have a stronger orgasm. I was also surprised that my stomach is functioning well now. After training, I noticed how blood circulation throughout the body improves, you feel a wave of strength and energy! Eyes up, smile on your face, wonderful mood, clear head, female self-confidence.I want to live and create!
Men feel it!

ps: My husband tells me I'm unique and amazing, magic woman! "

Yelena, 35 years, two children, 11 years of, married 11 years


"I exercised 3-4 times and my husband felt the difference. Now he demands that I do exercises every day because he is thrilled. Vumfit is the most suitable fitness for couples."

Irina, 31 years


"Now, after 3 months of daily training, I can say: the system really works, it reduces the size of fibroids, the mood improves. There is always a smile on my face, I enjoy life. I think I feel
even the skin improved (unexpectedly). I'm glad I overcame my fears and insecurities. "

Yekaterina, 41 years


The main problem that I turned to vumbilding is that I had painful "periods" and the absence of orgasm. I solved those problems. My menstruation became regular and almost painless and I also learned to experience orgasms. I still do these amazing exercises . "

Alina, 24 years

3 days

"After 3 days of classes, I learned to control my orgasm and make it more intense. I realized the possibilities of my muscles and it's a wonderful feeling!"

Juliya, 29 years

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Viber.:  +381 61 139 24 95

WhatsApp: +7 912 78 60 992



11000, Serbia

Belgrade, Takovska 45a/I

Holisti?ka akademija Maya